Featured Tool: 3-Step Wire Looping Pliers

By on August 1, 2016
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by Judy Ellis, Wirejewelry.com

Wire Jewelry Featured Tool for August 1st, 2016

3-Step Wire Looping Pliers

by Kate Richbourg

Today we have a quick video from Kate about how to use 3-Step Wire Looping Pliers. Take a look!

Kate says:



Multi-Size Wire Looping Pliers:

Multi-Size Wire Looping Pliers||PLR-736.00

Multi-Size Wire Looping Pliers

Why have three separate bail making pliers when you can have one that does the job of three? Our Multi-Looping Pliers can make a variety of loops ranging from 2mm to 9mm for a variety of combinations. Made of stainless steel with double leaf springs, these pliers are another first — invented by EURO TOOL.

Additional Versions:

Wubbers™ has done it again! These Wire Looping Pliers are for wrapping beads and making perfect eyepins every time. Never before has there been a pair of pliers that can do so much, and so easy to learn. The instructional CD, included with each pair, gives basic step-by-step instructions that anyone can master in no time. The unique jaw shape and size provides for a consistent finish. Use with 20 and 22 gauge soft wire. Overall length 5-1/2″.


Nylon Jaw Coiling Pliers, Round and Flat Jaw, 5-1/2 Inches||PLR-846.00

Nylon Jaw Coiling Pliers, Round and Flat Jaw, 5-1/2 Inches

Round/Flat jaw nylon jaw pliers are great for coiling delicate wire or sheet metal. These pliers are both economical and functional. Nylon jaw simply won’t scratch. Construction is box-joint, stainless steel with PVC grips. 5-1/2″ long.


Wire Looping Pliers, 5-3/4 Inches||PLR-748.00

Wire Looping Pliers, 5-3/4 Inches

Stainless steel wire looping pliers, also known by model train enthusiasts as coupling pliers, enable the user to bend wire easily. Three round jaws in one and box-jointed for durability. Jaws are finely polished, one being round and the other concave in sizes 4.6, 3.2 and 2.3 millimeters. 5-3/4″ (145mm) long.

If you’d like to see more from Kate you can see her blog posts HERE!

Happy Wrapping!


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