Bracelet Component

By on June 22, 2016
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by Judy Ellis,

Wire Jewelry FREE Pattern for June 22nd 2016

Bracelet Component

by Judy Larson

Today we have another FREE pattern which utilizes Judy Larson’s Jewelry Component Templates. Today she has shared her bracelet Component pattern with us.

Judy Says:


The step by step tutorials were written assuming that you have some jewelry making experience and follow all safety precautions. The tutorials do not show basic jewelry making skills or how to solder, rivet or use resin

The jewelry component templates in the right section ( shown below) will make a bracelet component, two sets of earrings with matching pendants and a tab style pendant.
Twelve Days Of Christmas Jewelry Templates and Tutorials_img_2

The 6″ sheet metal square used in this series is composed of three 2″X 6″ sections completely filled with jewelry component templates. CLICK HERE to download the template below.


 Twelve Days Of Christmas Jewelry Templates and Tutorials_img_3


  • 24 gauge sheet metal—use the long oval, large circle and one small circle templates
  • One 16 gauge rivet (shown) OR
  • One decorative rivet



Step 1: Copy the long oval, large circle and one small circle templates. You can find Judy’s Jewelry Component Templates HERE!

Step 2: Transfer the designs to your sheet metal.

Step 3: Cut the pieces out using your preferred method for cutting sheet metal.

Step 4: File any sharp edges.

Step 5: Use a 1.5mm hole punch to make holes in the center of each circle and on both ends of the bracelet back plate.

Note: Step 6 and 7 are optional. If you do not own or have access to a Sizzix Big Shot Embossing Machine, texture the tab pendant back plate in any manner you wish.

Step 6: Anneal the bracelet back plate and then pickle to remove fire scale.

Step 7. Place the bracelet back plate on the DecoEtch plate. Run it through the Sizzix Big Shot Embossing Machine to achieve the background texture.


Step 8. Use the Mini TruStrike Designer/Texture Hammer to texture the edges of the large circle. Use the Mini TruStrike Embossing Hammer to texture the smaller circle. Try to make slightly wavy edges when you are texturing.



Step 9. Use the Dapping Punch Set to cup the circles. To preserve the texture when cupping each circle, consider placing a piece of felt between the dap and the circle shape.


Step 10: Position the large domed piece on the bracelet backplate. Using an ultra fine point permanent marker, mark where the rivet hole needs to be punched. Use a 1.5mm metal hole punch to make the hole.


Step 11. Rivet the stacked cupped flower pieces to the bracelet backplate.


Step 12. Use the bracelet bending pliers to curve the bracelet backplate.


Step 13. You can leave your piece bright and shiny or use liver of sulfur to patina it. Buff with 0000 steel wool to bring out the dimension of your texturing.


Congratulations! You’ve made your first Bracelet Component!

Happy Wrapping!

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