Sticker Templates

By on June 10, 2016
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by Judy Ellis,

Wire Jewelry Tip for June 10th, 2016

Sticker Templates

by Judy Larson

Today we are bringing you a quick tip form our good friend, Judy Larson about how to create perfectly matched shapes.

Judy Says:


Cutting perfectly matching shapes out of sheet metal can be a bit tricky. But with a few tricks of your own, it will be a snap!


Solution 1: Use re-positionable sticky notes to make your templates.

Step 1: Draw your shapes on re-positionable note paper, making sure that as much of your design as possible is on the sticky portion of the note.

Step 2: Cut the template out.

Step 3: Adhere the sticky note template to your clean sheet metal and cut around the shape.


Solution 2: Use a * Xyron with a Re-positionable Sticker Cartridge to make stickers that adhere to sheet metal and then just cut on the lines!


Step 1: There are two ways to do this.

~ If you are only making one or two of an item

Solution 2A:

  1. Cardboard and paper can become misshapen with use, so draw your template shape on thin plastic and cut it out.
  2. Hint: Save all your sticky note and plastic templates. Keep notes about the project on the template if there is room.
  3. Place your template on a piece of paper and trace around it. You do not have to cut this paper shape out exactly, just cut around it.

image002  image003

~ If you are making multiple sets or use the same shapes over and over:

Solution 2B:

  1. Draw lines on a piece of typing paper so that you have strips the width your **Xyron uses, either 1.5″, 2.5″, 5″ or 9″.
  2. Fill the space between the lines with tracings of the desired shapes. Save this sheet as your original. Make a copy of your original.
  3. Cut the copied strips apart. Note: a 2.5″ Xyron was used here.


Step 2: Run the cut out shapes or each paper strip through your machine.


Step 3: Cut the sticker sheet apart. You do not have to cut each piece out exactly, just cut around them. Adhere the stickers to your clean metal sheet.


Step 4: Cut the metal shape out. Remove the sticker and you are ready to use the blank in your project. Hint: Replace the sticker on the paper backing as you may be able to use it several more times.


I hope that you enjoyed this quick tip. If you are looking for sheet metal to get started on your own projects – CLICK HERE! To see more tips from Judy – CLICK HERE!

Happy Wrapping!

**Used with permissions from the Xyron company. To learn more about them,  you can follow them on Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube or Twitter 

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    June 11, 2016 at 5:36 am

    Could you again, Put Charts on the Site concerning,”A Complete Guide to Jewelry Wire, Size, And Uses”. Please! Thank You So Much.
    I Always Look forward To All The Things, Tricks, And Wonderful Patterns.
    “You All “Are The Best Of The Best”.

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    bill Schwartz

    June 12, 2016 at 11:04 pm

    All of my sticky note paper has a very thin band of adhisive. Is there a brand that has a wider band. Do you saw cut your sheet metal or use a tin snip?
    Bill Schwartz

    • avatar

      Judy Larson

      June 15, 2016 at 2:38 pm

      For my 6×6 Sheet Metal Series of Templates and Tutorials, I try to make sure that all the patterns can be cut out with both shears and a saw. But in all the tutorials, I use a pair of french shears as so many people still do not use a saw and would like to work with metal. I try to avoid using anything with a serrated edge so that there is less filing to do on the edges of the metal.
      Unfortunately, I do not know of a note paper that has a wider band of sticky adhesive. A lot of the time, I just trace around my plastic templates directly onto the metal and then cut the designs out.