Featured Tool: Multimandrel Ring Mandrel Set

By on June 8, 2016
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by Judy Ellis, Wirejewelry.com

Wire Jewelry Tool Tip for June 8th 2016

Multi-Ring Mandrel Set

by Kate Richbourg

When you’re in the business of making and selling jewelry having accurate sizes is incredibly important. Necklace mandrels help you to visualize a finished project, how it will lay, if it’s long enough, and what it will look like on your customer. Jewelry Tools carries bracelet mandrels, ring mandrels, a hoop earring mandrel, and even a wood bracelet mandrel. All of our mandrels are made from the highest quality materials and sure to give you years of service.

Kate Says:



Mandrel Sets and Accessories:

Multimandrel Ring Mandrel Set, Sizes 4-15, 6 Piece Set||MAN-146.13

Multi Ring Mandrel Set, Sizes 4-15, 6 Piece Set

This is a favorite ring-making tool because of its versatility and ease of use. The stand can be placed so the mandrel is horizontal or vertical depending on the need. Whole size wood mandrels range in size from 4 to 15. Wood storage rack holds the mandrels not in use. Create multiple projects at one time!

Multimandrel Ring Mandrel Set, 6 Piece Set, Half Sizes||MAN-140.25

Multi Ring Mandrel Set, 6 Piece Set, Half Sizes

This six piece ring mandrel set is ideal for making metal clay rings as well as for the traditional wax worker. The steel mandrel stand can be inverted so that you can work on rings from two directions. And the mandrel can be removed from the holder for handheld detail work. The mandrel set consists of six aluminum mandrels covering half sizes 4.5 to 15.5, allowing you to make metal clay rings in sizes 2.5 to 13.5. This size range allows for the approximate 2 size shrinkage when making rings from metal clay.


Ideal for PMC rings and any other wax model building or metal clay work. 6 mandrels in whole sizes 4-15.


Now that you’ve seen a just a few types of mandrel sets available and how easy it is to use them – take a look at a few of the other BEST SELLERS we have available on our sister site JewelryTools.com. I’m sure you’ll find something you are looking for!

Happy Wrapping!

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    Heather Gale

    June 8, 2016 at 5:35 am

    I use a rings stretcher then it becomes a very multi tool
    stretcher reducer bender upright mandrel to work on as well as sizing
    If I didn’t have that then the mandrels for sure as they non tapering so easier to work with as don’t have to keep turning