Using Pumice as Insulation

By on April 18, 2016
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by Judy Ellis,

Wire Jewelry Tip for April 18th, 2016

Using Pumice as Insulation

by Kim St. Jean

In a previous post we gave you a couple of quick tips from Kim St. Jean about using Pumice as your friend. Today we wanted to give you one more tip on how to use pumice when soldering.

Kim Says:

KSJ Headshot

If you have one joint that needs to be re-soldered on a piece with many solder joints, you can bury your piece in the pumice leaving only the part that needs to be soldered exposed. This creates insulation for your other soldered joints insuring the solder on those will not melt.


More tips from Kim:

CLICK HERE to read Kim’s previous post – Pumice is our Friend In it, Kim gives us two additional tips on using Pumice and an annealing pan when soldering for precise placement.

If you are interested in learning more about soldering and Kim’s many techniques, don’t forget to take a look at her Stone Setting DVD Series: Complete Stone Setting Course, Stone Setting with Wire, Stone Setting with Cold Connections, Stone Setting with Bezels, Stone Setting with Prongs and Stone Setting with Tubes.

Here are a few of the tools that Kim mentions in her tips:

7 Annealing Pan with Pumice

7 Annealing Pan with Pumice

Our 7 inch soldering pans rotate 360 degrees with easy access. The heat reflecting pumice is perfect for supporting your project in any position – flat or embedded. Each pan includes pumice.

PUMICE- 2.0 LB BAG||SOL-522.00


Great for use with annealing pans when soldering. Heat reflecting for uniform heat – 2lb bag.

Single Third Hand with Tweezer

Single Third Hand with Tweezer

Single third hand features 6-1/2″ pointed tweezers mounted on a weighted base to hold items stable and secure in any position while soldering. This item enables you to have both hands free while working on a multitude of projects.

We’ve created this great package with everything you’ll need to solder!

Basic Soldering Kit

Basic Soldering Kit

Starting an at-home soldering workbench can be confusing! That’s why we have gathered all of the basic soldering tools into one place in this one-of-a-kind kit. With the Basic Kit you will have everything you need to start soldering.

This Basic Kit Includes:

  • Butane Torch Head
  • 6×6 Solderite Soldering Board
  • Soldering Pick
  • Curved Copper Tongs
  • Stainless Steel Cross Lock Tweezers
  • Aqua Flux

Have fun and Happy Soldering!

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