How to Make a Briolette Wrap

By on April 13, 2016
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by Judy Ellis,

Wire Jewelry Tip for April 13th 2016

How to Make a Briolette Wrap

by Kate Richbourg

Today’s tips is great for anyone from the beginner to the experienced wire wrapper. Learning a new skill is just as exciting as re-learning an old one and Kate gives us simple example of how to wrap a Briolette drop. This simple pattern is useful not only for Briolette drops, but other top drilled beads as well


Briolette beads make a great accent at the end or wire-wrapped components in earrings and necklaces but they can be a bit of a challenge to wrap. Here is a simple way to wrap these beads with a rosary loop so you can easily add them to your wire wrapped segments. The trick to getting the loops to stay closed is using a ready-made eye pin or half-hard wire.

Skill Level: All


  • Briolette drop with top-drilled hole. Could be used with other top drilled beads as well.
  • 3″ 24-gauge half hard wire or readymade eye pin (or wire to fit bead hole)



Step 1. Use a ready made 3″ eye pin or make a this component by turning a loop at the end of a 3″ segment of half hard wire using round nose pliers. Place this wire through the bead hole leaving about 1/8″ of wire from the bottom of the loop to the bead hole with the remaining wire exiting the hole on the other side.


Step 2. Grasp the 1/8″ of wire using chain nose pliers and push the wire diagonally towards the point of the briolette and then straight up. The wire should conform to the shape of the briolette and leave a clear space of wire to wrap around above the point of the stone.



Step 3. Cross the remaining wire over the top of the briolette to form an “X” at the tip of the stone.


Step 4. Grip this wire with the chain nose pliers and make three tight wraps from the tip of the stone to below the loop. Use flush cutters to cut away the remaining wire and tuck in the tip.


Step 5. Open the loop using chain nose pliers and attach to your component of choice and close securely.


I hope you enjoyed this simple tutorial.

Happy Wrapping!

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