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By on March 4, 2016
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by Judy Ellis, Wirejewelry.com

Wire Jewelry Tool Tip for March 4th, 2016

Deluxe Disc and Doming Set DAP- 430.00

by Kate Richbourg

If you love working with metal, today’s tool will be great addition to your work bench. Kate shows us how to use this Deluxe Disc and Doming set in this quick video.

Kate Says:



Deluxe Disc and Doming Set, 22 Pieces||DAP-430.00

Deluxe Disc and Doming Set, 22 Pieces

This set not only cuts flat discs, but also forms and cuts cone or domed shaped discs. It comes with a small disc cutter and 21 punches (7 flat, 7 concave and 7 convex) all nicely packaged in a wood storage box. Domed discs are formed by using the convex and concave punches with the disc cutter. Cuts seven sizes: 1/4″, 5/16″, 3/8″, 7/16″, 1/2″, 9/16″ and 5/8″. A great way to expand your designing options. Weighs 3 lbs. 7 oz. Maximum cut up to 18 gauge soft.

Additional tools for your workbench:

Steel and Rubber Bench Block, 4 Inches||DAP-545.00

Steel and Rubber Bench Block, 4 Inches

This Steel and Rubber Bench Block is great for stamping and dapping projects. One side is made of steel for flattening, chasing and stamping. The other side is made of hard vulcanized rubber for times when a softer surface is needed. 4″ x 4″, 4.05 pounds.


Brass Hammer, 1 Pound||HAM-456.10

Brass Hammer, 1 Pound

This hammer is quality constructed with solid brass, mounted on a secure metal handle with a comfortable grip. It is ideal for hammering ferrous or non-ferrous metals and is excellent for stamping and dapping. Weighs 1 lb.


What do you think of this tool? We love it! Don’t forget to take a look at all of our other dapping tools HERE!

Happy Wrapping!

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    March 4, 2016 at 9:25 am

    Once again your video is non-existent.

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      Judy Ellis

      March 4, 2016 at 12:31 pm

      Bernadette. I’m not certain what kind of problems you might be having on your end, but the video itself is functioning properly. In response to your concern. we have had our technical support department test it today on multiple devices. When viewing the video, you will first see a black square screen, then after the video loads (which, depending on your device speed, could possibly take a few seconds) it will pop up and should begin. If it doesn’t start automatically, you may have to press the arrow button, for it to begin. I would suggest making sure that your video player is current and is able to play flash related video. This video has been optimized so that you should be able to view it on any device i.e desktop, phone or tablet. If you continue to have issues viewing the video, please feel free to contact our customer service and we will see what we can do to help.

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        March 9, 2016 at 3:33 pm

        Thank you for the video. I would like to know what type of jewelry you make with these dome pieces?