Take Your Wire Jewelry Making to the Next Level!

By on September 10, 2009
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We all yearn to achieve – it’s human.  The same can be said for the art of jewelry making – you want to get better and better at it.  Is it just practice alone that will help you reach a higher level of output?  Not really since learning is something that comes through new experience drawn on from outside of ourselves.  So, take some time to research what part of the art form, of wire jewelry making that you want to improve on and develop a plan of action.

The design itself can be studied by looking at the work of other artists creating wire jewelry.  Note that most designers have stylized their jewelry to their own particular taste which actually reflects their personality.  Are you effectively capturing your personality and infusing it into your jewelry?  If not, ask someone to tell you if they can see the connection between you and your pieces and where there might be something missing.  Often others can help shed light on who we are especially a good friend.

Another effective way is to study wire jewelry design is through ebooks, training DVDs and even classes in your local area.  The key is to build upon where you are and not start over and become someone else’s idea of what designs “should” come from within you.  You need a facilitator that knows how to pull it out of you and that is the type of mentor / teacher to look for, regardless of the format.

Beyond design of course is mastering the art of creation with your hands.  You must select the right jewelry making supplies and use the right tools.  Again, classes, training products and books can go a long way to help you achieve that next level of wire jewelry making.

Finally, the best way to know what is really an expression of your style is to look at the parts of wire jewelry making that come easy to you and the areas that you struggle with.  The easy parts are those that are “really you” and the parts that you find difficult are where you have not yet made that connection.  It is probably best to focus on the difficult aspects one at a time until they become easy and continue this process until it feels like you can design and create jewelry in your sleep!