Bezel-Set Spoon Pendant by Kim St. Jean

By on July 24, 2015
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by Judy Ellis,

Daily Wire Jewelry Tip July 24th, 2015

Highlights of the Free Bezel-Set Spoon Pendant Lesson

There’s something gorgeous about the craftsmanship and beauty of vintage tableware.

There’s something about this summer – I’ve been invited to a couple bridal showers, one right after the other, and I’ve been puzzling over what to bring as a gift. Something small but meaningful that suits these brides’ rustic, free-spirited styles.

Last time I went to the swap meet I got a bunch of old teaspoons and sugar spoons because they were just too pretty to pass up. I knew I’d find SOMETHING to do with them.

Now that I know I can get 2 pendants out of each spoon, I can’t wait to get started on these pendants that these brides-to-be are going to love.

To make a fun spoon pendant, you’ll need:


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  • Sterling silver bezel cup setting
  • Calibrated stone
  • Two 1/16″ eyelets
  • Vintage spoon: Look for bendable silver plated spoons, marked with A1. Stay away from restaurant-ware.

Here’s why I LOVE this project:

  • The great thing about this project is it’s actually 2 projects! Kim shows us how to make a pendant with the handle of the spoon – and then she comes back and we get to go through the bowl half, too!
  • At 8:15 Kim reminds us like last time: we’ve gotta use 2 rivets to set this bezel cup to the spoon handle, so it doesn’t spin. Once again, we’re using Kim’s eyelet trick.
  • Ah, but this time we’re adding something! Kim shows us how to get a good hole using a drill press at 11:54 – as well as the dos & don’ts of drill press use for jewelry. (Yep – my metal punch pliers wouldn’t touch a spoon handle!)

  • You’ll discover how to use bezel cups – these are so handy!
  • You can make your own Rivet Measuring Cards out of something you probably already have around the house already, that you can use and re-use for ALL your riveting projects
  • More rivet practice – everyone needs more of that
  • When Kim pulled out a vise at 18:15, I had NO idea what she was doing. Then I saw the little bitty mini anvil she made with it and WOW – that’s how she was able to flare the rivet on the front of the bezel cup!
  • Kim shows the floss trick for setting a stone at 23:12 – such a good idea.

And that boulder opal cab is gorgeous – looks like a Celtic design with the silverware spoon she chose.

  • Kim shows how to use a hammerhead attachment on the Flex shaft – it doesn’t hurt the stone and it does SUCH a great job of setting the stone securely in a bezel¬† cup!

The nice thing about this project – if all you can find at yard sales or your mother-in-law’s basement are forks, simply saw off the “food” end with the tines, and there you have a handle to work with just like the one above.

I can’t wait to see what you come up with after watching this project!

OK – I know what I’m making for my next project – how about you? I’m excited to see what you make from this project, so make sure and post it on our Facebook page or send me an email with a picture of how it turns out for you!

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Happy Wrapping!

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