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By on July 15, 2015
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by Judy Ellis,

Daily Wire Jewelry Tip July 15th, 2015

 Fan Fun Earrings

by Albina Manning

Summer is in full swing and there is fun and sun to be had! This week as I was going through some of our patterns, I came across this easy and fun pattern that reminded me not only of a fan but it looked a little like a seashell as well, and made me long for the beach…

This beginner level pattern is by Albina Manning and could just as easily be while lounging sea side in your cabana, sipping a cold drink or in your Adirondack chair watching the waves crash on the rocks. Enjoy!

Fan Fun Earrings

Fan Fun Earrings

Designed by Albina Manning © 2011

Skill Level: Beginner/All

Technique: Round wire

I do enjoy working with colored craft wire. The following is an easy pattern for earrings that can be made in less than an hour!


  • 24- or 26-gauge round dead soft craft wire, two 9″
    (23cm) lengths
  • 1 pair ear wires



  1. Make a shaping device by temporarily taping the two round items together as shown.Fan Fun EarringsLine Break
  2. For each earring, use one piece of cut wire (9″ or 23cm long). Leaving a tail of 2 ½” (6cm) long, wrap one length of wire around the newly made device 6 or 7 times, stopping when you have about 3/8″ (1cm) of wire left.
    Fan Fun EarringsLine Break
  3. Carefully remove the coil from the device. Notice that the coil is slightly twisted, which is fine.
    Fan Fun EarringsLine Break
  4. Use either round or chain nose pliers to hold the coil, by placing them inside the coil from the end with the shorter tail, in the smaller curve of the coil.
    Fan Fun Earrings
    Line Break
  5. Use your fingers to wrap the longer tail of wire back along the top of the coil, and then inside the coil, coming out on the back side of where it began.
    Fan Fun EarringsLine Break
  6. Remove the pliers and hold the wrapped coil with your fingers and use the longer wire to make one more wrap around the coil.
    Fan Fun Earrings Fan Fun EarringsLine Break
  7. Still working with the longer tail, use round nose pliers to make and wrap a loop at the top of the coil. Do not trim the wire yet!
    Fan Fun Earrings Fan Fun EarringsLine Break
  8. Wrap the end of the loop wire back under and around the coil, heading away from the loop, two times to show. Now trim and tuck the wire end. Use chain nose pliers to carefully slide both sets of wraps toward the center of the coil, so they are positioned on each side of the wrapped loop.
    Fan Fun Earrings Fan Fun EarringsLine Break
  9. Use your fingers to gently pull the coils (or petals) apart, one at a time, sliding each one toward its respective side.
    Fan Fun Earrings Fan Fun Earrings
    Line Break
  10. Make sure the petals are equally separated. Then attach an ear wire and make the second earring in the same manner as the first.
    Fan Fun Earrings

Congratulations! You’ve made your first set of Fan Fun Earrings!

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Happy Wrapping!

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    Laverne Snow

    July 15, 2015 at 11:54 am

    Thanks for the tip on taping to round objects together to get a petal shaped loop. Wouldn\’t have thought of that.