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By on April 1, 2010
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One thing that’s common among wire jewelry artists, and anyone who works with beads, too, is the storage issue! You’ve got all this great wire, stones, and jewelry making tools, but where on earth do you put it all?

Wire-Sculpture has some solutions. For starters, we carry plastic compartment boxes, like many beaders are familiar with. Whether you work with jump rings, lampwork beads, thread, cabochons, Swarovski crystals, or beads, these compartment boxes are amazing! You can divide your little accents into 10 to 24 compartments in just one box, and the cover seals so tightly that the compartments won’t leak. Not to mention, these boxes stack easily, and many are mostly transparent, if not totally see through, so you can easily and quickly see what each box contains. And they’re useful for all kinds of things–my husband even nicked one of mine for his fishing gear!

Say you went to a show and purchased a whole lot of little beads, far more than will fit in a little compartment, but you want to get them out of the bag and tucked away. Well, there are also smaller, individual bead containers available in bulk for things just like this. These small and large containers come in packs of 12 and 16, and are great for beads, gems, cabs, and anything else you need to tuck away!

So those boxes and containers are great jewelry tools for storage, but if you’re looking for something you can keep handy on your desk, Wire-Sculpture also has smaller, stackable, spinnable trays that are small enough to keep on your desk, but big enough to hold several kinds of beads, rings, and anything else you need at hand.

While you’re working at your desk, how do you keep those beads from rolling all over the place and getting damaged? Dale “Cougar” Armstrong is notorious for using mouse pads just for this purpose–but if you can’t find one, or if you just have too many beads to use one, there are a couple solutions from our jewelry making tools section that you can work with.

First, a super handy beading shortcut is a beader’s board. These beading boards not only hold your beads in place, but they are marked and measured with dimensions so you know exactly how big your piece is becoming. Also, there are little trays inside the board to stash extra beads while you work. Nifty, huh? And they’re so low priced, it’s really a smart investment to make.

An alternative tool to the beading board is a beading tray. I find this really useful when I’m making a mess! I can use my little bead tray to zoom around my table and scoop up the beads I let roll away. They’re also great for holding beads as you work, and they come in a variety of sizes. And these aren’t just for seed beads–they’re a great way to keep your cabochons and gemstones safe while you work.

Finally, if you are looking for a better way to store your pliers and jewelry making tools, we have a fantastic wire wrapping/beading work station available! This nifty jeweler’s workbench will hold all your pliers within reach, as well as coils of wire, string, and practically anything else you can think of.

Well, that’s all the news for now! Be sure to check out our selection of jewelry making tools that will make your wire wrapping work easier.

Take care, and stay twisted!

Rose Marion


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