The Jewelry Maker’s Resource Guide for Going into Business

By on July 23, 2009
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Making wire jewelry can be a fun hobby for many people and for yet others, an actual business venture that includes financial gain on top of enjoyment. It can however be a challenge to make the leap from hobbyist to jewelry maven (or jewelry man). This article will introduce you to the various tools and materials you will need to get your jewelry making vocation a jump start!

First of all when launching into the jewelry business you will need to have a “space” that makes you feel like a business, setting up a workshop / area where you can organize your materials, tools, supplies, and finished products.  Storage will be very important so that you can keep track of inventory and find things quickly.  Don’t forget to consider your workshop choices since lighting, a quiet place, a comfortable chair and a secure location will be important to you.

Take a look at this blog article about “Setting up your Workbench and Creative Area” by Mary Bailey

Present Jewelry Workspace

You will also need to get a business license, a business banking account and start identifying wholesale bead and wire outlets that reduce your cost of goods sold.  You’ll need to account for your income and expenses and package your business and products in marketing materials and that includes having a website built, printing business cards, and learning how to interact online in social networking destinations. You’ll actually need to set up a store complete with photos and a shopping cart if you want to do business on the Internet in addition to other outlets you may have in mind.

When you are serious about making jewelry in a business where you hope to earn an income you will need a full range of tools and supplies including, a wide assortment of pliers and cutters.  Each of course has its own purpose and you don’t want to do short cuts by trying to flatten or straighten wire with round nose pliers when you should be using flat nose ones.  Again, don’t short cut the important stuff.  Buy the range and store them where you can find them easily.

 All the Jewelry Making Tools, supplies and kits you need to create custom jewelry that you, your friends, family and clients will love for many years to come! Check your toolkit now. Are any of these essential jewelry-making tools missing from your kit?

You will also want, in stock, a variety of different sizes (gauges) of wire in various shapes and materials that provide different degrees of hardness and of course different metals.  Having this material in stock will allow you to respond to creative ideas or replicate successfully-created and selling pieces quickly.

Silver Filled Wire
Sterling Silver
Argentium Silver
Gold Filled Wire
Rose Gold Filled Wire
Copper Wire
Nickel Silver
Red Brass Wire
Yellow Brass Wire
Memory Wire
Precious Metal Pattern
Base Metal Pattern Wire
Enameled Craft Wire
Silver Plated Copper Craft Wire
Base Metal Craft Wire

You will want to stock your workshop with beads, stones, and other jewelry objects for the creation of your wire jewelry.  And of course you will also want to have a wide range of supportive jewelry-making items such as head and eye pins, clasps, and jump rings.

Beads and Bead Caps
Earring Findings
Jump Rings
Miscellaneous Findings
Snapsets & Settings

Go online and identify jewelry-making destinations to observe what they are doing.  Learn from those that are successful.  It doesn’t mean copy them; it means to adopt a proven way of doing things, just do it better!  Find yourself a name that represents your style and mission in jewelry-making.

After your shop is stocked and you’ve practiced your trade, you will still want to continue to learn and find new ways to inspire great jewelry pieces.  Look for video educational products from experts to help you continue to grow as an artist.  Take classes from a particular instructor that you admire.  The learning never stops no matter how confident you feel in the skills you have as an artist.  You will look back in a year and be amazed how much you have grown and this will continue year after year in the art of jewelry-making.


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