Featured Tool: 2 Hole Metal Punch

By on April 20, 2015
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by Judy Ellis, Wire-Sculpture.com

Featured Product of the Week for April 20, 2015

This week we feature our 2 Hole Metal Punch #PUN-400.00

Many jewelry crafts require that you punch holes into items such as copper, silver, thick plastic, and more. Hole punc pliers make your job much easier! Take a look at this little gem below for your next project.

2 Hole Metal Punch:

The 2 Hole Metal Punch has Two different hole sizes, 1.60mm and 2.30mm, can be made with this metal punch. Made of tool steel, each punch is tempered for making precision holes in soft metal up to 24 gauge! Screw action makes holes without deforming metal. It can also be used with plastic and other materials. A perfect hole every time!

2 Hole Metal Punch
2 Hole Metal Punch||PUN-400.00


Additional helpful Items:

Center Punch – 4 1/2 inches

This simple 4-1/2″ center punch is perfect for all non-ferrous metals. Made of high quality tool steel, the point is well tempered for long life. The perfect size and shape for jewelry or other applications.
Center Punch, 4 1/2 inches
Center Punch, 4 1/2 inches||PUN-450.00

Auto Center Punch – 5 Inches:

Put your hammers away because this 5″ spring-loaded punch automatically strikes a sharp blow when pressed down firmly. Hardened and ground alloy steel center point is well-tempered for long life. Convenient size for jewelry and other applications
Auto Center Punch, 5 Inches
Auto Center Punch, 5 Inches||PUN-430.00

Number and Letter Punch Set – 36 Piece set:

This 36pc set includes the alphabet, numbers (0-9) and the “&” symbol. Designs can add value and interest to silver, brass and other metals. Their usage also gives an artistic effect and enables the designer to personalize each piece. Stamps are made of tempered steel for years of service, and for decorating all types of jewelry items. These sets are economical, compact, extremely useful, and come to you in a durable plastic box. Punches are 2-3/8″ in length with a character height of 1/8″ (3.0mm)
Number and Letter Punch Set, 36 Piece Set
Number and Letter Punch Set, 36 Piece Set||PUN-105.99

Sheet Metal Stamping Shapes and Sheet:

Need copper sheets or sterling silver sheets to hammer a pattern into? Jewelry Tools proudly carries green silver. Our silver wire and sheets are made from 100% reclaimed silver, never from mined sources. You can rest assured that no harm came to the environment or any people in the making of this wire; it is 100% recycled silver wire!

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Happy Wrapping!

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