Every Color Imaginable – NEW Anodized Aluminum Wire

By on April 1, 2015
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by Judy Ellis, Wire-Sculpture.com

Daily Wire Jewelry Inspiration April 1st, 2015

Think Spring with Anodized Aluminum Wire

Today I wanted to give you a quick reminder of our on going OOAK Jewelry Contest and tell you about our NEW Anodized Aluminum Wire!

Think Spring OOAK Jewerly Contest:

The theme of the 2015 OOAK Contest is: “Think Spring.” The contest will be open from April 13 – May 30, 2015. Contest entries will be judged from May 1 – 7th and winners will be announced May 8th. Click here to find the complete contest rules.

Use any of our One-of-a-kind Gemstones, OOAK Pendants or Druzy One-of-a-kind Cabochons or Designer One-of-a-kind Cabochons and you could enter to win!

Don’t forget – all of our OOAK Gemstones, Pendants and Druzy Cabochons will be 30% off during the contest!

NEW Anodized Aluminum Wire – in every color imaginable!

Here are just a few of the NEW colors we have availabe! Why not use this new wire in your “Think Spring” OOAK Jewerly Contest submission?

If you are working on your submission for our OOAK contest – don’t forget to name your piece, send us at least one “great” photo, tell us what kind of OOAK stone you used and name it. You can send us your submission directly to us at contest@wire-sculpture.com

Happy Wrapping!

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