Love is in the Air!

By on February 13, 2015
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Daily Wire Jewelry Tip February 13, 2015

Love Is In the Air!

We are ever so close to Valentine’s Day! So, I thought today I would share one of our Free Patterns called the Webbed Heart Necklace by Sonja Kiser. This beautiful pattern is simple to follow and would make a wonderful gift for anyone who “loves” jewelry!


Webbed Heart Necklace

Webbed Heart Necklace

Designed by Sonja Kiser

Skill Level: Intermediate

Technique: Involved Components

This necklace design was created to use with a 25mm heart drilled horizontally. It incorporates some weaving of the wire, the use of wrapped loops to connect chain and the attachment of a closure to the chain. With a little imagination, other components such as beads or head pin attachments can be added for different looks (as shown in the finished photo).


  • 1 30″ length of 22 gauge square half hard wire
  • 1 60″ length of 20 gauge round half hard wire
  • 1 25mm heart ( Handmade Venetian Glass Beads)
  • 1 18″ piece of chain
  • 1 clasp combination of choice
  • Additional Beads: Swarovski Crystals



  1. Straighten and then cut the 22-gauge square wire into the following lengths: two pieces each 7″, and two pieces each 3″ long. Also cut one piece 6″ long of 20-gauge half round half hard wire. Bundle the three 7″ wires and tape the ends. Measure and mark the center and then mark ¼” on each side of the center.Webbed Heart NecklaceLine Break
  2. From each of the side-of-center marks made, use the 6″ piece of 20-gauge half round to wrap 4 times to show, working away from the center and trim.
    Webbed Heart NecklaceLine Break
  3. Remove the tape and thread the 25mm heart bead onto the wire bundle, between the wraps.
    Webbed Heart NecklaceLine Break
  4. Using a dull knife or blade to separate the wires at the wraps, bending each wire upward. Repeat on the opposite side.Webbed Heart NecklaceWebbed Heart NecklaceLine Break
  5. Use a pin vise to individually twist each of the two inside or center, wires on each side of the heart. Weave these wires together and tape the end wires together on each side. Shape wires so they will cross above the center of the heart.
    Webbed Heart NecklaceLine Break
  6. Bend the outside wire upwards, to lie over the top wire. Trim this outside wire to 3/16-inch longer than where it crosses over the top wire. At this 3/16-inch end, use chain-nose and then flat nose pliers to form and then attach a small loop to the top wire. Repeat on the other side.Webbed Heart NecklaceLine Break
  7. Remove the tape on the extended wires on left and right of the heart and trim them evenly. From the end on the top wire, mark ¼”. Place round nose pliers on the mark, and make a loop upward and around. Rotate pliers backward to keyhole the loop. Repeat on the other side.Webbed Heart NecklaceLine Break
  8. Measure and cut two 8″ pieces of chain.Webbed Heart NecklaceLine Break
  9. Insert one end of a chain length into a loop. Use 22-gauge square to wrap the loop and the extended wire together, 4 times to show, working from the bottom of the loop down. Trim the wire ends evenly or rosette and place on top of the bindings. Repeat procedure on the other side.Webbed Heart NecklaceLine Break
  10. Attach a closure to the end of the chains to complete the necklace.Webbed Heart NecklaceWebbed Heart Necklace

I hope you enjoy creating this beautiful Webbed Heart Necklace! Send me some photos – I’d love to see them!

Happy Valentine’s Day!