Beautiful Snowflake Ornament

By on November 19, 2014
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by Judy Ellis,

Daily Wire Jewelry Tip November 19, 2014

 Beautiful Snowflake Ornament

As we get closer to the Thanksgiving Holiday, many of us begin thinking about putting up the Christmas tree and filling our homes with holiday decor. Many look at purchasing or making new ornaments for the tree as well. I know that I try to to add a new ornament every year, typically something that has significance to me from an event throughout the year.

As I was perusing our patterns this week, I came across this one from one of our past contributors, Brenda Sigafoos, and I thought I would share it with you – the Beautiful Snowflake Ornament.

There are so many fun variations you could do with this! Take a look at our Siam, Peridot, and Crystal Bicone Swarovski. We also have Emerald and Garnet in the round Swarovski Crystals. All are perfect for this project and would light up any tree with color!

Beautiful Snowflake Ornament

Beautiful Snowflake Ornament

Designed by Brenda Sigafoos © 2012

Skill Level: Intermediate

Technique: Forming loops, wire and glue assembly

Bling it up next winter with a beautiful Swarovski® snowflake created with just headpins and crystals! Make it a family project – kids would love to help make their own snowflake ornaments! – or use fine materials to give as gifts or sell as stocking stuffers. You’ll use a little glue in this pattern to keep the arms of the snowflake in place, but you can experiment with other ways to lock them in place, too!




  1. Place the following beads on a single eyepin in this order: four 2mm beads, one 4mm bicone, and one 2mm bicone. Then trim 1/2″ away from the last bead and make a small loop with round nose pliers. Squeeze the little loop you just made with flat nose pliers to secure.Beautiful Snowflake OrnamentBeautiful Snowflake OrnamentBeautiful Snowflake OrnamentBeautiful Snowflake OrnamentRepeat these steps until you have eight eyepins with beads.Beautiful Snowflake OrnamentBeautiful Snowflake OrnamentLine Break
  2. Take your headpin and slide on one 4mm bicone and a spacer bead.Beautiful Snowflake Ornament
  3. Next, slide all the looped eyepins on the headpin, so that the 4 similar beads of each eyepin are facing inward. Fan out in a snowflake arrangement, as shown. Now take your last 2mm bead and slide it on the headpin, where it will hold the eyepins in place.Beautiful Snowflake OrnamentLine Break
  4. Move the 2mm bicone back slightly, out of the way, and squeeze a drop of Super Glue under the bicone. Squeeze a drop of Super Glue on the bead end, then slide the bicone back in place, holding the eyepins. Super Glue it will dry quickly, so work fast!  Note: Be sure to read the directions on your glue, in case it needs time to set.Beautiful Snowflake OrnamentLine Break
  5. Take your flat nose pliers and bend the headpin at a 90° angle immediately after the glued bicone. Then make a simple loop or wrapped loop at the end of this bent wire. This loop will attach to the ornament hook.
    Beautiful Snowflake OrnamentBeautiful Snowflake OrnamentLine Break
  6. Take the last headpin and shape it over a pencil, jump ring maker, or round nose plier jaws. Firmly shape it into an ornament hook.Hint: Beat the hook with a rawhide or nylon hammer to harden the hook.Open the eyepin loop to attach it to the snowflake.Beautiful Snowflake OrnamentBeautiful Snowflake OrnamentBeautiful Snowflake Ornament

There you go, a beautiful handmade ornament: a great gift to give, or to make as a  family project to hang on your tree.   Thanks to Brenda for sharing this beautiful pattern with us. I hope that you all enjoy making these and including them in your holiday decor! Take a few pictures and send them to us – we’d love to see them!

Happy Wrapping!

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    Jane Elizabeth Duke

    November 19, 2014 at 8:10 am

    Thanks for reprinting this pattern, and just in time for the Holidays! Thanks to Brenda Sigafoos for her beautiful design … helping brighten everyones tree, packages etc.!

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    November 19, 2014 at 8:21 am

    WOW, Been thinking about how I would make these for about a week now, and this appeared like MAGIC in my email today!! Thank you so much for sharing … (was even better to know that I had it right in my head on how to so it)!!