Use Video to Promote your Wire Jewelry Business

By on March 4, 2010
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Video advertising online is reaching the point that if you don’t have one to describe your wire jewelry business, you are behind the times.  The demand is coming from web visitors – they want a passive way to learn more about you and video is the best format to do it.  Customers also want to connect with the artist in more ways than just text and pictures.  If you can show and tell what you do more “in person,” you’ve won a new customer! Research has proven that video viewers are six times more likely to respond to your marketing message in a video format than from text and images alone.

What does it cost to have one made and where do you go to get one?  There are a number of companies online that offer production services that include writing a script and once approved, voicing it professionally.  Images and video clips are selected to show viewers what the voice is saying.  Watch a TV commercial for just a moment and you will see that most are created this way and are not actually studio productions that cost thousands of dollars.  Stock footage is very low cost and when assembled by a professional editor, is very compelling as a medium to engage customers.  To make it more personalized to your business, you will want to include some images or video of YOU doing your work.

Many times a video ad can include images already used in a website or product/service shots your company has used in printed brochures.  Again, assembling these digital graphics is very easy using common production tools by a professional and hence, why the cost is much lower than you think.  Music is added also to create the ambience to move a viewer emotionally.

With this said it is time for all small and medium business owners, such as wire jewelry artists, to review their websites to see how to leverage the power of video and start using it.  Once a video ad is created it can then be used across the web in advertising campaigns.  More and more websites are including video as an offering for distribution, including Google Adwords and partner properties in a pay-per-click model that is highly targeted.  Yellow page companies also offer a video inclusion option as well as many other websites across the Internet landscape.

Video is here to stay, it is growing fast, and it’s time for all website owners to address their video plan so that they are not left behind in the jump to video. We’ve even added several wire wrap tutorials to our own site!  A few short years ago it was said that if you didn’t have a website as a bricks and mortar business, you weren’t really up to speed.  Now, the same is being said about video.  Get one.