Easy Fall Craft Wire Projects

By on September 19, 2014
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by Judy Ellis, Wire-Sculpture.com

Wire Jewelry Making Tip for September 19, 2014

Easy Fall Craft Wire Projects

Every week I look for amazing tools to tell you about, old posts that need to be re-shared and great new ideas to show you. This week, I’ve found some new ideas for a few easy Fall craft wire projects.

These can be done by anyone from the beginner to the advanced wire worker. I’ve given you three basic designs below to get your imaginations started!

Things you’ll need to make these pendants:

  1. Craft wire – any color you’d like.
  2. Jewelry Pliers
  3. Beads of your choice
  4. A small round stick to make the loops
  5. Jump rings.

Pumpkin Pendant:



Click on the photo to view larger

This would look great in any of the following craft wire colors:

Amber Enameled Craft Wire
Bronze Enameled Craft Wire
Brown Enameled Craft Wire
Natural Enameled Craft Wire

With accents in:


  1. After making the base of the pendant use small pieces of wire to lock the four parts marked with red circles in the picture.
  2. Add one or more bead to make the pendant look more seasonal.
  3. You won’t need to use jump ring for this pendant if you made a big loop while starting.

Fall Tree Pendant:



Click on the photo to view larger


  1. You’ll need to make 4 loops and try to form triangular shape at first.
  2. Then, wire around inside the main wire frame.
  3. Attach 3 wired beads with the 3 loops of the pendant.

Autumn Sun Pendant:



Click on the photo to view larger


  1. Make a twirly shape.
  2. Then bend the wire to form a shape as shown in the picture.
  3. Thread small colorful beads into the wire through the twirl and fix the beads position.
  4. After you’re done fixing the positions of the beads, use a drop of glue for each beads so that they stay still.
  5. Attach a jump ring to complete the pendant.

For beautiful beads to add to these pendants, CLICK HERE

I hope you enjoy these simple but fun craft wire projects.

Happy Wrapping!

More designs

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