How to Use Google Buzz to Market your Jewelry Business!

By on February 20, 2010
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It seems nowadays there is something new on the marketing front that perplexes even the most experienced marketers and Google Buzz coming on the scene is no different.  This article is to help you navigate this new tool and start deploying it as a toolset for your wire jewelry business.

First of all, if you are Gmail user, you got introduced to Google Buzz at launch of the new “social networking” tool.  When you opened your email a couple of weeks ago you noticed that you were asked if you wanted to “follow” folks and you were able to quickly and easily make your selection.  So, the signup process is where you start.  If you don’t have a Google Gmail account then click here to get signed up –  You will notice also that you can get Buzz on your phone.

After you have registered you will have a dashboard to manage your buzz activity.  It provides a private, consolidated summary of the data associated with your Google account as well as direct links to control your personal settings.  You can also see how many people you are following, information about your recent posts (once you get started) and comments, etc.

You will need to invite people to follow you.  Once done then you can directly message them all or if you want to make sure one of your friends sees a certain Buzz post, you can direct it to their inbox with @reply. Type the “@” symbol followed by the first few letters of their name, and select their email address from the list. Only you’ll see their Gmail address — other people will just see their name.

After you’re set up and have people who have agreed to follow you, you can send out messages to them about your wire jewelry business.  Keep them short (like Twitter) and to the point making sure that your audience will find what you are communicating about as important or useful to them.  If you buzz too often on topics that don’t matter you will find that people will “mute” posts or worse, stop following you.  The integration with email puts it closer to your fingertips.  Again, select those to follow you that may engage you in the future for wire jewelry pieces.  And stay on topics that they will enjoy hearing about.

The core philosophy behind Google Buzz is to allow people to share experiences in real time.  Integrating this social networking tool into an email application directly is new and may pull some people from Twitter that have to “go there” to Tweet.  However, keep in mind that many software solutions online have integrated with Twitter and Facebook so that you can auto-deliver one message to a number of platforms quickly and unless Google does the same thing, these other platforms may keep market share.  This means, don’t stop using Twitter or Facebook.

The bottom line is, keep your followers happy and make sure that they aren’t overwhelmed by you using all of the tools out there only to rehear your message too many times.  Learn what they like and keep building your base.  The connections you make and continual interaction will ultimately create a loyal following of wire jewelry enthusiasts.

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