Wire-Sculpture’s Snowflake Jewelry Making Contest

By on February 18, 2010
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It’s been snowing heaps along the Atlantic coast recently, as well as in other places, and I wanted to remind you that it’s not too late to enter Wire-Sculpture.com’s 2010 Snowflake Jewelry Contest!

Warm your fingers up, shovel off your workstation, and get out your jewelry making tools . It’s time to get twisting!

This year, we were inspired by the snowflake. No two are alike, and neither are any two wire jewelry makers. Here in Utah, snowflakes aren’t uncommon—in fact, there’s snow on the ground here now. Also, we’re enjoying watching the 2010 Winter Olympics are happening right now in Vancouver, B.C.—but did you know that at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, one of the symbols was the snowflake?

To enter the contest, all you have to do is create a snowflake using wire, crystal beads, and large-holed freshwater pearls, and send us pictures of it! Make sure you name your entry, too, and include step-by-step instructions. You can find a complete set of rules at the contest page, or at the bottom of this article, but don’t let them limit you—use as many cabochons, beads, and crystals as you like.

Speaking of cabochons, I think a sparkling druzy cabochon would make a beautiful center stone in a snowflake—what do you think? I bet you can come up with some neat effects by twisting wire, working with chain maille, or bezeling to create a piece that represents snowfall and winter to you.

Make a hairpin, necklace, ring, even a Christmas ornament—anything that reminds you of a chilly winter snowflake.

We’re excited to see your entries, and we’re also excited to award prizes! The Grand Prize has a $650 value, and the winner will get to be our personal guest at one of our Wired Workshop Weekends. In addition to prizes, two other winners, the Wire-Sculpture Staff Choice winner and the Popular Vote winner, will get a personalized review of their project from Dale “Cougar” Armstrong!

Speaking of Dale, she created her own snowflake for the contest. Check it out:

So make sure that you create, photograph, and enter your snowflake by February 28, 2010 at the contest page. We here at Wire-Sculpture are excited to see your design—we’ve loved the entries we’ve seen already. Stay warm and happy wire crafting!

Note: Please be sure to follow these rules; if you do not follow them completely, we will have to disqualify your entry. To qualify your snowflake design as an official entry, these are the rules to follow:

  • You must purchase a selection of large-holed freshwater pearls and/or crystal beads from Wire-Sculpture to use in your snowflake design
  • Create your own original snowflake design using only traditional wire jewelry techniques.
  • No solder, glue or any type of adhesive is allowed
  • Name your entry
  • Send us two good pictures, one of the BACK as well as the FRONT
  • Include the step-by-step directions, both written and photos as well as a list of the supplies used such as wire gauges and tempers, and any embellishments, etc. Click Here for an example of how the step-by-step directions should be.