Daily Wire Tip Feb. 12: How to Make a Frame Bundle

By on February 12, 2010
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Daily Wire Jewelry Making Tip
February 12, 2010


Is there a video showing how to make a frame bundle?  I have been trying to design something like this and I am not having very much luck.


Probably my favorite project for teaching how to straighten, bundle, tape and then wrap wires into a bundle for anything would be my all wire bangle bracelet. It covers all of the techniques mentioned and many more.  https://wire-sculpture.com/jewelry-making-dvds/Beginner_Series_Part_1-7435-126.html Of course if you just want to make pendants, then lesson 2 would be a good choice as the cabochon pendant taught there is a freeform, and if you can wrap a freeform, you can wrap any cab!  https://wire-sculpture.com/jewelry-making-dvds/Beginner_Series_Part_2-7436-126.html

Answer contributed by Dale “Cougar” Armstrong

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    Susan Mazlum

    February 12, 2010 at 9:54 am

    Dale’s videos are phenomenal, professionally done, clear and easy to follow and tremendously helpful. I first ran across her on Jewel School before I found this site and have followed her work ever since.

    Hopefully, you are working with square wire Vs round wire to design your bundles. When I first started practicing, I tried practicing bundles with round practice wire; it was horribly frustrating to say the least. Then I got some copper square and half round practice wire. The difference in ease was huge! One benefit to using copper wire for practice is that there are mills that will give you a percentage of copper value for your scrap. So, if you save all of your copper practice bindings, scrolls, and whatnot, you can get a bit of your practice investment back.

    Also, as a beginner when working with bindings, I find it helpful to tape more closely than Dale needs to tape. So, after I take my measurements and mark my wire, I add extra tape on either side of where I want to place my binding wraps. This helps me keep my work straight and avoid unwanted kinks or spaces in the finished product.

    Just some thoughts that have helped me anyway,