LIVE from Tucson – Double Wrapped Loop

By on January 31, 2014
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by Judy Ellis,

Live from Tucson 2014

Tip for February 1, 2014

Tip Guide to Tucson!

Today we feature a LIVE Tip from Lisa Stevens in Tucson on how to use the Wire Looping Wubbers to create a Double Wrapped Loop.

Step 1: Working from a coil of 20 gauge wire leave a 1 1/2 inch tail and fold your wire in the Wubbers looping pliers.

Step 2: Continue looping wire around until you have 2 loops. You’ll have to open the jaw to accommodate the 2nd loop.


Work at the tip of the jaw to make this easier

Step 3: After two loops, begin your wire wrapping w/the tail around the stem.




Step 4: Trim your tail neatly.



If you are interested in purchasing a pair of the amazing Wire Looping Wubbers Pliers: G2-1350, CLICK HERE, and use Promo Code WIRELOOP10 today through Sunday night at midnight!

Now we want to hear from you guys! What great tips do you have to share with us from Tucson?

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    beverly bishop

    February 7, 2014 at 9:54 am

    This is day 7 of the Gem Show here in Tucson and I’ve totally blown my budget once again!!!!!!! I have these pliers and just love them. I have a hot tip for all you beaders out there. The looper pliers that are all the rage are being updated and a new 3 mm size is being added. I saw the prototype but they wouldn’t sell any, they are only for advanced orders to shop owners. I slipped in to the wholesale shop area just to take a peek and was glad I did. They will be available sometime this year. I can hardly wait as that is the size I need, the other one is way too small for my purposes at 2mm. This is going to change the whole look of my beaded chains, the loops will be consistant and not damaged as they always seem to be with the round nose. This has been another amazing show season as always. Lots of eye candy everywhere. If you ever get a chance come to Tucson you’ll be glad you did (ps) bring lots of money…Bebeaz