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By on January 13, 2010
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Most of us have bought our jewelry at stores, boutiques and occasionally from our friend’s jewelry party.  However, doing so limits purchase options because you can only see so much at one time.  Compare this with thousands of jewelry designers that are “out there” that you can’t find or reach!  So, this article is about how to shop for jewelry online to satisfy the jewelry bug in you to find the pieces that meet your requirements for a price you can afford and want to spend.

First of all, you will need to find jewelry pieces.  To do so you will need to employ the help of a search engine.  You probably have your favorite one, so browse to it and consider what terms you should search for.  Think about the types of jewelry you like.  Make a list and then search them.  For example, do you like silver; do you like gold?  What about stones – is there a particular type of stone you prefer?  Then think about weight and the words that would describe it such as “dainty” or “sturdy/robust.”

Enter your search terms and browse the contents that are delivered.  You will want to click to various listings to find either a direct page of an artist or possibly to a directory that lists many artists.  You might use the word, “custom” to improve your search since you may want to find custom pieces using say, “silver wire jewelry with amber nuggets + custom made.”

Finally, once you’ve gone through many listings, you may hit upon exactly what you’d like to have.  Once you have then search again with the terms used by that website or pieces displayed.  This will help you expand your search to offer more options with the jewelry you like.  Compare and contrast them for quality, artistic endeavor and price.

Finally, once you have found something you really like, find out what the return policy is.  Jewelry stores online do offer great pictures to see the item but holding it and trying it on may provide a different experience so it is important to find out if you can return it if you are not satisfied.  Also, ask if there are discounts or other benefits for shopping with them.

As an aside, you might want to go to craft and art shows throughout the year and gather cards for future reference when you are ready to buy online.  You may want to peruse magazines, newsletters or blogs of jewelry artists to find the jewelry designers that speak to your soul through their jewelry.

Search online for wire jewelry artists and buy from them direct.  Not only will you be most satisfied with the pieces you acquire but probably save money from the margins that retailers have to add to make a profit.  Enjoy shopping online!

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