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By on May 9, 2009
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For years we have been the king in the jewelry making instruction business.  Are there other companies out there that have instructional videos and trainings for wire-sculptors?  Yes.  But the bottom line is… nobody competes with for useful, valid, easy-to-use instructional wire-wrapping videos and ebooks.

From our Small Biz Jewelry Course to our Master’s Course, our customers have access to over 20 years of valid hands-on training materials to help them get started in their jewelry making hobby or profession.

Up until today, these packages come in….well….packages. When you buy the Master’s Course you receive over 30 DVDs , wire, tools, eBooks, and much more. This package retails for over $4,000, and we sell it for only $997. Pretty good deal, right?

Let’s face it, nearly everyone’s pocket book has been affected by the current economic crisis, almost everyone is now being tested for Swine Flu, and our government is spending Trillions of our hard earned dollars. With all of these things going on who has an additional $1000 laying around?

Don’t worry. If you’re thinking, well, maybe I’m the only one that can’t afford this, you’re not the only one, trust me. There are hundreds of other people thinking the exact same thing.

But Jewelry Making is at the very center of our very being! Who among us, doesn’t love sitting down and using our hands to create a masterpiece out of some wire and some cabochons? I think all of us do! We all yearn to be good at jewelry making, so that we can truly enjoy the experience.

That’s why is introducing their very first DVD Auto-Ship program! All of our most popular DVDs are now available for a fraction of their normal price. And more bonuses are being added to each of our new packages!

If you’ve ever thought about purchasing one of our instructional DVD packages, but couldn’t afford it, now is your time! We have broken down a few of our most popular packages below:

–    The Master’s Course now is only $299.25 each month for 4 months! You receive all of the same great stuff, but it’s delivered to you during a 4 month period. This allows you to go through the materials at your own leisure and learn the art of wire-sculpting at your own pace! During those 4 months, you’ll receive all of the same DVDs, EBooks, tools, wire, etc.

–    If you’re thinking that $299.25 still sounds like a little too much right now, don’t wory, we have 2 additional options for you! You can choose to receive the same DVDs as our popular Master’s Course over a 24 month period for only $59.95 per month. Or you can opt for our 12 month package at only $99.95 per month. Same great jewelry making DVDs, at a very low price! Plus with either of these options you will get some great bonuses, click here to see them all.

–    If you just want to get to the very meat of jewelry making we’ve put together a fun and exciting package just for you! You can now receive 2 DVDs per month during 6 months. These are our most popular DVDs and tools put together for a truly fascinating and unique package! In this package you’ll receive our amazing Rings, Bracelets and Pendant DVDs, 12 DVDs in all. This package is only $84.95 per month for 6 months!

And if that weren’t enough, for 3 days only we’re going to include some great bonuses for Free when you sign up for one of our Auto-Ship programs before the end of the day Wednesday May 13, 2009! Here are a list of bonuses that you will receive:

Jewelers Double-Horned Anvil ($12.97 Value)
Stainless Steel Ring Mandrel ($37.95 Value)
Free Upgrade from Wire-Sculpting Tool Kit to Master’s Tool Kit ($49.96 Value)
Automatic Upgrade to Gold Club Member Status (Priceless!)

So what are you waiting for? These courses will never be as affordable as they are now. Now is the PERFECT TIME to start learning how to wire-sculpt or how to perfect some of the skills you already possess as a Jewelry Maker.

We’ll see you soon!

Brandon Hutchins

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    Jean Pratt

    May 9, 2009 at 8:19 pm

    What about us who are already gold club members and have some of the dvd’s and tools described above?