New Year Resolutions – Put Your Artistic Talents to Work!

By on December 23, 2009
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The New Year is fast approaching and its common for each of us to examine our life and look for areas of change.  One common thrust toward new choices is the commitment to make a better life for oneself and for their family.  Sometimes it involves learning and other times its just deciding to do what it takes to achieve a goal.  This article is about how to get on track and stay there for all of 2010, driving toward the development and application of artistic talents.

First of all, you must define what your talents are and how they can be manifested by you in a way that is rewarding and includes having fun, and often being able to monetize it.  With the shape of the economy and the ongoing need to manage finances, one can’t often just start up a hobby and not intend to make money from it.  So, for this article, fun and financial reward will be at the core.

Do you love to work with your hands?  Do you have a knack for manifesting sounds or images into 3D pieces of art?  Do you like jewelry?  If you answer yes to these three questions then you should explore the art of wire jewelry making as an artistic way to express your abilities.

Finding wire jewelry making supplies is easy too.  You can start with patterns and designs that include the materials you’ll need to create the piece.  All you will need to learn is how to twist and connect wire; learn the range of materials, and then start designing pieces.

You will pull from nature, your daughter’s piano recital, or from a squirrel darting across the top of your fence, ideas that you can translate into a beautiful piece of wire jewelry.  Be sure to jot down what comes to you as you experience various forms of inspiration so that you can draw on it when you’re ready to order supplies to create with.  Then, when received you can sit down on a quiet afternoon and start creating.

After you’ve created a range of pieces, you’ll then want to start planning how to commercialize them – where to sell them and how to hang out your shingle.  Be sure to consult some experts if you need to, so that you don’t find yourself frustrated with lack of success.

Finally, enjoy the process and stick with it for all of 2010 so that you can look back and give yourself a pat on the back for a year well done in capturing the essence of your artist talent and funneling it toward a productive outcome!

Happy New Year!