Wire Jewelry Tips July 7: Metal Sheets and Blanks

By on August 7, 2013
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by Narlene Allen, Wire-Sculpture.com

Wire Jewelry  Tip for August 7, 2013

Metal Sheets and Blanks

Discs, Squares and Shapes

This week I thought I’d do a short feature on a little lesser known product we carry: Metal Sheets and Blanks.

These metal sheets are among our most popular metalworking supplies. Metal sheets and blanks can be transformed into into shimmering and exclusive sure-to-be masterpieces!


Sheet Metal Stamping

An example of Sheet Metal Stamping.

Metal Sheet and Blanks:

All metal-working begins with a blank sheet,  and there are so many amazing creations you can do with them.

At Wire-Sculpture we carry metal sheets and discs in Copper, Red Brass and Nickel Silver, Sterling Silver and Sterling Silver Filled.

Nickel Silver Metal Disc

Nickel Silver Metal Disc

Brass Metal Disc

Brass Metal Disc

Copper Metal Disc

Copper Metal Disc






All are waiting or you to cut, texture, and solder into something wonderful.  Along with square and round discs, we carry a nice selection of pre-cut shapes to inspire your creations!

Let’s take a look at a few of shapes we carry and then, let your imagination run wild!


Silver Filled Funky Star


Brass – Small Mustache


Brass – Angel Wings








Brass – Large T-shirt with Ring

Brass Butterfly with Ring

Brass Butterfly with Ring

Copper Rectangle with Ring

Copper Rectangle with Ring



Nickel Silve Cross

Nickel Silver Cross with Ring

Brass Starburst

Brass Starburst

Nickel Silver 8-petal Flower

Nickel Silver 8-Petal Flower










A Side Note:

These are among the supplies recommended by instructor Patti Bullard in her Metalworking 101 DVD series.  If you are interested in learning more about Metal Working, these DVD lessons will help you get past that “blank sheet” stage.

Metalworking 101 with Patti Bullard

Metalworking 101 with Patti Bullard






Feeling Inspired?

Do these fun shapes inspire you to create? There are so many projects that you can do with these blanks – the sky is the limit! Get yours today and start creating!

Want More Info?

Follow the links below for a look at some of our tips and resources to help build your metal working skills and wire-wrapping knowledge.


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