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By on July 31, 2013
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by Narlene Allen, Wire-Sculpture.com

Wire Jewelry Tip for
July 31, 2013

Onine Resource Center

Wire Measurement Conversion Tables

As some of you may remember, last Friday I filled in for Layna and we took a quick look at our Resource Center on Wire-Sculpture. Well this week, I thought I’d do a short follow up and highlight a  few additional conversion tables that we have available.

The table below is a very simple – showing the basic inches to mm conversions. Sometimes it can get confusing, so hopefully this table will help clarify it for you all.  There are several other tables available in the same article, but I want you to go on a little fact finding mission, and visit our Resource Center.  You won’t be sorry!

Conversion Table – American Wire Gauge (AWG) to Inches and mm

Most wire is sold by the gauge, according to AWG standards. However, bead holes and other useful measurements are usually given in inches or millimeters. Here’s a handy table to help you convert the gauge of a wire to its diameter (width across) in inches and millimeters.

Gauge Converstion Table

Gauge Conversion Table

Need more info?

If you are a beginner and  in need of some good general information to get you started, you’ll find a few very helpful blog posts about wire gauge, shape, temper and  general jewelry terms all in our Resource Center. Take a peak!


While you are there – shop around a little bit – check out our different gauges of  Gold filled, Silver filled, and Rose Gold filled  and see if you can find something you like!  You might even find some of our new Base Metal Patterned wire that you can’t resist!

Gold and Silver Wire

Gold and Silver Wire


I hope you’ve enjoyed this tid-bit about conversion tables! Do you have an interesting suggestion or tutorial you’d like to share with us? We are always looking for great new tutorials from our readers – so feel free to share your ideas with us. Click Here to submit your idea. You could be featured on our Blog!

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