Gem Profile July 26: Large Hole Round Beads

By on July 26, 2013
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by Layna Palmer,

Today's Gem Profile is...

Large Hole Round Beads with Leather Cords

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My daughter is in charge of the activities for girl’s camp next week and she came to me asking if she could use some of my extra beads and cord to make name bracelets with all of the girls that are attending.  We started sorting through my beads, leather and silk cording and were a little disappointed to find that there were very few beads that fit on the cord I had.  The holes were just too small.

My discovery:

The next morning, I was walking through the warehouse and was thrilled to see Megan unpacking some new beads that were already strung on leather cords.  I just had to have a strand, so I liberated one to take to my desk for a few minutes. I excitedly called my daughter to let her know that I had the answer to our cord and bead dilemma.

Strands of Large Round Hole beads

Varieties of Large Hole Beads on leather cording available at

What I discovered:

These beads are beautiful!  They are the same stones that we already carry, but they are large hole beads that are pre-strung on a nice leather cord.  You can almost use the cord as is, attach a button for a fastener, and have a really cute modern bracelet!

So with this discovery, my daughter is using them for name bracelets at camp. Each girl picks a bead that corresponds to each letter in her name and strings it on the leather or silk cord.  They’re teaching the girls how to make a sliding knot for one of the camp advancements, so this fits really well with learning a skill, and making something meaningful and memorable from camp this year.

More fun projects:

As I was looking at the beads I had at my desk, I realized that they will not only fit the thicker cords, but also larger gauge wire and will look great on the new expandable bangles that are all the rage right now.  I’ve even seen people layer the expandable bracelets alongside the leather bracelets with charms and stones for a great bohemian look.  My son even asked the other day if I could make him a tiger-eye bracelet on a leather cord.

Tiger Eye Large Hole Beads

Tiger Eye 8mm Round Large Hole Beads – 8 Inch Strand

Discover your own Large Hole Beads too:

I thought to go along with the names, I would review the birthstones for each month so you can have some great ideas for our newest stones.

We are familiar with the traditional gems for each month, but there are alternatives that have also been used throughout history;

You can also use gemstones to channel energy, heal and just plain look pretty too;

  • Amethyst; Brings calm energy, can help with insomnia and is considered a “power” stone.  It is also called a Bishop’s stone and is worn by many Catholic bishops today. Amethyst was used.
    Dog Teeth Amethyst Round Large Hole Beads

    Dog Teeth Amethyst 8mm Round Large Hole Beads – 8 Inch Strand

    anciently to bring clarity and heal headaches.

  • Bronzite; Alleviates doubt and is considered a great stone for masculine energy.
  • Carnelian; guards against poverty, calms temper, magnifies sense of humor

    Matte Carnelian Large Hole  Beads

    Matte Carnelian 8mm Round Large Hole Beads – 8 Inch Strand

  • Goldstone; Energy stone will help maintain vitality and positive energy.

    Goldstone Large Hole Beads

    Goldstone 8mm Round Large Hole Beads – 8 Inch Strand

  • Golden Obsidian; Clears negative energy, helps with direction in life, clears aura

    Golden Obsidian Large Hole Beads

    Golden Obsidian 8mm Round Large Hole Beads – 8 Inch Strand

  • Jade; Ancient stone used to attract love, aids in mental reasoning and helps bring money into your life.
  • Jasper
    • Iron Zebra; Physical strength, reinforces health, encourages creativity
    • Picture; self realization, creative visualization, alleviates fear
    • Red Creek; Balance, physical energy, and is great for actors
      Red Creek Jasper Beads

      Red Creek Jasper 8mm Round Large Hole Beads – 8 Inch Strand.

      Iron Zebra Jasper

      Iron Zebra Jasper 8mm Round Large Hole Beads – 8 Inch Strand

  • Labradorite; Strengthens intuition, stimulates imagination and new ideas, realization of goals.

    Labradorite Large Hole Beads

    Labradorite 8mm Round Large Hole Beads – 8 Inch Strand

  • Lapis; ancient purification stone for love, healing, protection and power

    Lapis Large Hole Bead

    Lapis 8mm Round Large Hole Beads – 8 Inch Strand

  • Onyx; defends against negativity, strengthens self confidence, sharpens senses
  • Pyrite; energizes the body or area where it’s placed.  Overcomes lethargy, helps the circulatory system and is great for those with asthma.
  • Sardonyx; Money, love, protection, enhances willpower and increases stamina
  • Smoky Quartz; Perception and learning, relieves depression, enhances organizational skills
  • Tigereye; focuses the mind, brings good luck, helps in interpersonal relationships
    • Red Tigereye

      Red Tiger Eye Large Hole Beads

      Red Tiger Eye 8mm Round Large Hole Beads – 8 Inch Strand

Take a moment to visit some of these beautiful beads – you won’t regret it!

Wrapping it all up:

Well, I have to hurry and run this strand of beads back to the warehouse before it’s missed, but I hope you will enjoy using these new beads as much as I will!

Do you have any beautiful jewelry you’d like to share with us? Send us pictures at and they could be featured!

Gem Profile by Layna Palmer

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  1. avatar

    Jeanne Lyons

    July 26, 2013 at 7:21 am

    I guess I’m a little out of touch – what is an expandable bangle?

    • avatar


      August 1, 2013 at 1:11 pm


      They are the bracelets that look like a solid bangle, but have a “slider” that will expand to fit over your hand. Do a google search, there are several different styles out there. They are really fun to make. I made one for myself out of 14ga Argentium with my children’s birthstones as charms. I’m excited to make another one with the large hole beads that we have, I’m thinking either Red Creek Jasper, or Red Tigereye for Fall, and how cute would that be on a copper or red brass wire!


  2. avatar

    derryl reed

    July 26, 2013 at 2:59 pm

    Wonderful, I have tried to make other beads work but they just
    didn’t do the trick. Our local craft stores said they had not
    seen any large hole beads. Thanks.

  3. avatar

    Cathy Hankerson

    August 1, 2013 at 11:28 am

    Thank you for carrying the large hole beads. I have been frustrated many time not being able to complete a project. I wll be looking for them