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Jewelry Cameos
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Jewelry Cameos add an unmistakable elegance and mystique to jewelry; capture this elegance and vintage flavor by adding carved cameos to your wire jewelry! Handcraft beautiful cameo pendants, chokers, and bangles with stones from our jewelry cameo selection. Choose your stones from the jewelry cameo categories below!
Cameos have been a popular jewelry component for thousands of years, with examples discovered from Ancient Greece and Rome. Cameos have been used as signet rings, jewels of emperors, and ornaments of royalty and clergy through the Renaissance. Although interest in cameos waned in the years after the Renaissance, Queen Victoria repopularized the beautiful jewelry piece, through her use of them in her personal jewelry and gifts to friends and important figures.

Choose a striking carnelian cameo to wrap in wire for a head-turning look, or use a graceful carved mother and child cameo for a mother or grandmother. Vintage and classic, cameo stones can dress up a casual look and bring grace and elegance to any outfit.Cameos are beautiful wrapped in wire as brooches, pins, pendants, and rings; you can also bezel or peyote stitch these striking cameo stones for an ornate, elegant look. Sophisticated, refined, and head-turning, our quality cabochons will impress your customers and become lovely heirloom jewelry pieces!

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