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Jewelry Tumblers and Tumbler Supplies
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Jewelry Tumblers and Shot
Get that smooth polished "tumbler finish" on your silver jewelry, stones, gemstones and more with our rock and gemstone polishing jewelry tumblers. These jewelry tumblers are ideal for home jewelers, rock collectors, children or grandchildren who like to discover and polish stones.
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Product ID: G24-2-Kit
Price: $159.95
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Have you ever found a perfectly polished and smooth stone in a river bed or along the roadside? Isn’t it amazing that in the rugged outdoors in the midst of brush, rock, soot and everything else we consider rough or rugged, you can find a perfectly round and polished rock?

Our rotary jewelry tumblers duplicate this effect, but these tumbles don’t take thousands of years to produce perfectly polished rocks, just minutes. Our jewelry tumblers take one of nature’s most basic concepts and puts it into a modern, technologically advanced vibrating jewelry tumbler. Our Double Barrel Tumbler for Rocks or Wire Jewelry has a six pound capacity and is perfect for tumbling multiple stones or pieces of wire jewelry! Its quiet and smooth running motor coupled with the commercial nature of this jewelry tumbler makes it a perfect tool.

Our Rotary Tumbler for Jewelry or Rocks makes a perfect gift or tool for just about anyone. This rock tumbler is ideal for the home jeweler looking to polish wire jewelry. Your kids and grandchildren will love the polishing process of watching their rocks turn into beautiful gems!

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